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Responsible Waste Disposal

If an item doesn't fit into the 7Rs and needs to go to the landfill, it's important to know how to dispose of it correctly.

What goes where? Waste that needs special handling.

Appliances, electronics, hazardous household waste, mattresses and box springs, medications, renovation materials, tires, and used oil products. These items need special handling! Find out what goes where.


APPLIANCES are considered large items (bulky waste). The City will pick up to 10 of these up for an additional fee. Examples of large appliances include:

  • stoves
  • dishwashers
  • washing machines
  • refrigerators
  • freezers
  • air conditioners 

Hazardous Household Waste

HAZARDOUS HOUSEHOLD WASTE includes any product discarded from a home that contains volatile chemicals. These products:

  • can ignite and cause a fire
  • are corrosive and can eat away materials and destroy living tissue when contact occurs
  • can be explosive and/or reactive and can release poisonous fumes when exposed to air, water or other chemicals
  • are toxic or poisonous, either immediately or over a long period of time.

Mattresses and Boxsprings

MATTRESSES are considered large items (bulky waste). They can be picked up by the City by calling 311 and requesting a special pick up before putting them in your lane. Items will not be picked up if 311 is not called. There is a fee associated with the pick up of these items. Alternatively, items can be donated to Mother Earth Recycling.

Renovation Materials

Leftover RENOVATION MATERIALS cannot be disposed of in your regular garbage collection. They can be sold or donated or disposed of properly at the Brady 4R Winnipeg Depot for a fee. Please contact 311 for more information.



  • cell phones
  • computers and computer accessories
  • printers
  • audio equipment
  • video equipment
  • office equipment (scanners, copiers, fax machines)
  • phones
  • microwaves
  • rechargeable batteries


MEDICATIONS put in the garbage or poured down drains can contaminate the water we rely on.

Most pharmacies will collect unused and/or expired prescription drugs and medications including over-the-counter medications, topical antibiotics and antifungal cream. They also accept vitamins and minerals, herbal products, homeopathic medicines, traditional Chinese medicines, and probiotics.


TIRES are not picked up with regular garbage collection, but they can be taken to a 4R Winnipeg Depot or Eco-Depot (visit the link and click on "Tires" for a map showing drop-off locations) for free recycling. 

Alternatively, if you're handy and creative, how about upcycling? Do a search on Google or Pinterest for "tire upcycling" and be surprised by the numerous upcycling projects for used tires. 

Used Oil Products


  • Any petroleum or synthetic crankcase oil, engine oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, gear oil, or other fluid used for lubricating purposes in machinery or equipment (e.g., vehicles, lawn mowers, snow blowers, farm equipment)
  • Oil filters: Any spin-on or element type (e.g., engine oil filters, diesel fuel filters, but not gasoline fuel filters).
  • Containers: A container with a capacity of less than 30 litres that is manufactured to hold oil.