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Green Choices Info Guide: Home

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Welcome to Winnipeg Public Library's Green Choices Info Guide

There are many ways to care for the planet that we depend on for life. We've developed this guide to connect you with information and ideas about "green choice" subjects: composting, green cleaning, renewable energy, and more. It also provides you with links to local and national environment-focused organizations that you can connect with and learn from.

Green choices can be made daily. You can start by focusing at home with yourself and your family. You can reach out, connect with others, and learn from them. You can volunteer. Or you can do all of these things! Every action helps and every action is needed. Let's make green choices!

The parents' guide to climate revolution: 100 ways to build a fossil-free future, raise empowered kids, and still get a good night's sleep
Kanopy: Environmental Sciences Films
The seasons alter: how to save our planet in six acts
Civilization critical : energy, food, nature, and the future
The little book of going green : really understand climate change, use greener products, adopt a tree, save water, and much more
Slow death by rubber duck : how the toxicity of everyday life affects our health

What green choices have you already made in your life?