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City of Winnipeg logoIncorporated in 1873, the City of Winnipeg obtained it's name from the Cree name for Lake Winnipeg, win-nipi, or "murky water." The ninth largest urban center in Canada, Winnipeg's municipal government is responsible for everything from water and sewage, to public transportation, services most citizens rely on daily.  On this page you will find information about:

      • City Hall
      • By-laws
      • Budgets and Financial Plans
      • City Plans
      • City of Winnipeg Publications
      • Neighborhoods and Demographics
      • Contact Directories

City of Winnipeg Symbols, History Facts, etc.

City of Winnipeg flag

Contact Directories

City Plans

City of Winnipeg Publications

* To contact specific City of Winnipeg departments with respect to publications please contact 311.

City Hall and its work

Agendas, Minutes and Dispositions of Council


Budgets and Financial Plans

As outlined by the City of Winnipeg Charter, the fiscal year of the city of Winnipeg is the 12 months ending on December 31 in each year.
The annual operating budget must be adopted by city council before March 31 of each fiscal year.  As well, the capital budget must be adopted before December 31 of each fiscal year and a capital forecast for the next five fiscal years.

Neighbourhoods and Demographics