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Access to Information

Canadians have the right to access public knowledge/information such as records, correspondence, and reports at the federal, provincial and municipal level of government.  As such, with increasing governmental transparency and accountability, as well as ease of access to information, members of the public can be informed about the decisions that are being made.

Federal Government Information | Privacy and Personal Information

The Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act, give any Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or any person or corporation residing in Canada, the right to request information under the auspices of the Government of Canada. Personal information held by the Government of Canada and its institutions is covered by the Privacy Act, while government information requests are made in accordance with the Access to Information Act.

Federal Government Information

Personal Information

Access to Government Information Provinces/Territories

Provincial and Municipal Government Information | Personal Health Information

Citizens may apply by mail, or submit an online form for information held by the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).  As well, applications may be made for personal health information in accordance with provisions under the Personal Health Information Act(PHIA by contacting the specific government organization or trustee that holds the required information.

Provincial and Municipal Government Information

Personal Health Information