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diagram illustrating the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Canadian federal goverment

The Federal Government of Canada is responsible for matters that affect the whole country such as citizenship and immigration, as well as national defense and trade with other countries. Use this page to learn more about the components/function of the federal government, as well as to help find federal government information including:

      • Contact Directories
      • Parliament: House of Commons, Senate, Debates, Bills, Publications, Historical Activities
      • Privy Council and Cabinet
      • Government Publications,
      • Budgets and Annual Reports / Expenditures
      • Statistics and Census
      • Suggested Reading

Contact Directories

About Parliament

Canada's Parliament consists of three parts: the queen (our Head of State) represented by the Governor General, the appointed Senate, and the elected House of Commons.

The Privy Council and the Cabinet

The Privy Council is comprised of cabinet ministers, former cabinet ministers, and other prominent Canadians appointed by the Governor General in consult with the Prime Minister.  Current cabinet members provide advice to the Governor General; issues that are passed become "orders in council".



Parliamentary Publications

Parliamentary publications many be differentiated from those produced by government departments and agencies. They provide information of day to day and future parliamentary business as well as a record of debates and discussions in the House of Commons and those produced by committee proceedings.

House of Commons and its work

The Senate and its work

Historical Activities of Parliament

Government of Canada Publications

On July 5, 2013 the Government of Canada Publications announced it would no longer be printing and distributing print publications. Since that time, materials have been collected and disseminated in electronic format only.

Budgets and Annual Reports/Expenditures


Financial Process

Annual Reports and Expenditures

Statistics and Census

Statistics Canada

Government Department Statistics


Historical Statistics and other information


Non-government sites