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Growing Food

Grow your produce aisle with these resources on growing food in your garden.

Growing Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit

hand holding a cucumberGardening is a great way to spend time outside, get some exercise, and eat local food that YOU have grown. There is nothing like the taste of fresh basil, a juicy strawberry or the bite of a crunchy Manitoba cucumber in the middle of summer. We can also enjoy the harvest in the middle of winter with canned or frozen food, direct from your garden. Yum!

Vegetable Gardening Calendar


Start planning your garden; Purchase seeds as needed. If desired, start hot pepper plants with growing lights.


Start seeds indoors for crops requiring a longer growing season. No growing light required, but you will need a full sun window.


Prepare garden and soil; Plant seeds and seedlings according to instructions on seed packages


Water as needed; Thin plants as needed; Replant/successive plant as planned; Stake plants that need it; Examine plants for disease or insect problem; Enjoy.


Store and preserve harvest; Clean the garden; Prepare garden for next year; Plant any crop you want to over-winter


Enjoy your frozen or canned vegetables; Dream about your next garden.

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