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Green Your Space

Discover how to create a beautiful outdoor space or simply look for new inspirations with these resources.

Green Your Space

undefinedWinnipeggers have a short green season and we make the most of it! Whether planting and enjoying flowers, creating gorgeous landscapes, or utilizing containers, everyone has their idea of an ideal green space. Explore ideas for your space with the resources below.

If you're looking for inspiration, use your Winnipeg Public Library card and peruse your favorite gardening magazines for ideas.

Print Books

MidWest Home Landscaping Including South-Central Canada 4th Edition
Habitat Creation in Garden Design
The Elegant and Edible Garden
The Complete Book of Ground Covers
Small Garden Style
Container Gardener's Handbook
Rewild Your Garden
Gardening for Acidic Soils

Containers - Useful Links

Beautify - Useful Links

Wildlife- Useful Links

"My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece." Claude Monet