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Searching for 2SLGBTQQIA+ Materials

Winnipeg Public Library’s catalogue has a feature that allows you to search for 2SLGBTQ+ titles.

An image of a pride display at Osborne Library with many books, rainbow flags, and butterflies.

Search for 2SLGBTQQIA+ resources at the library

Searching for 2SLGBTQQIA+ related information, authors and themes can be challenging as it may be under different terms and keywords. Some quick tips on how to find what you are looking for:

  • Keep in mind that terms used by 2SLGBTQQIA+ communities evolve and change over time.  The standardized subject headings that library software uses can take time to catch up.
  • Most of the items relating to this information in the Winnipeg Public Library's collection have "2SLGBTQQIA+" as an additional author listed. You can narrow your search by subject, audience, publication date, author, language, and by which branch holds a copy in their collection using the menus on the left hand side.
  • Try keywords such as: gay; gays; gay athletes; gay fathers; etc.; lesbian; lesbians; lesbian activists; lesbian mothers; etc.; queer; homosexuality; bisexuality; intersex; transgender; two-spirit; LGBT, gender non-conforming and sexual minorities.
  • Other keyword suggestions include: homophobia, transphobia, queer theory, and other terms depending on what you are looking for.
  • If you find one item that fits what you are looking for click on the subject headings used for it and see what other items use that term.
  • Remember you can always ask one of our library staff for help with searching.