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Historical Romance

Romance books that take place in a setting in the past.

Historical romance is a genre consisting of books that take place in a historical setting with the developing romance of the main character being the focus. Some eras such as the Regency have many more titles available than others, but the genre is always expanding. Some publishing houses define historical romance as romances that take place before the Vietnam War, whereas others define it as before WWII. 

Historical romances examine the ways that romantic relationships might've developed in times where values and social mores were different from present time. They also examine how love can thrive even against backdrops of war and injustice, and how they run into the same joys and sorrows as those in present day - loyalty, betrayal, heartache, flirtation, jealousy, humour, etc. all find their way into historical romance.

"Ash Turner seduced her with the promise of her own self." -Courtney Milan

Regency romance

The Duke and I
The Lawrence Browne Affair
Wicked and the Wallflower
The Convenient Marriage
Cold-Hearted Rake
Romancing the Duke

Victorian romance

Never Kiss a Notorious Marquess
The Importance of Being Wicked
The Highwayman
A Lady's Guide to Mischief and Mayhem

Scottish Highlands romance

Rogue of the Highlands
Much Ado About Highlanders
An English Bride in Scotland
X Marks the Scot
How to Seduce a Scot

American romance

An Extraordinary Union
Marry Me by Sundown
A Lawman's Christmas
Cowboy Bold

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