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Contemporary Romance

Romance books that take place in the present day.

Contemporary romance is the most popular of the romantic genres, and is loosely described as romance taking place in a setting after WWII. There are many subgenres such as romantic comedy, erotic, and suspense though many titles can fit into multiple subgenres. Many contemporary romances make efforts to push against prejudiced attitudes and outdated romantic ideals while still appealing to readers' love of the genre. Characters represent various cultures, backgrounds, sexual orientations and preferences. Many titles in the genre have moved beyond the boy-meets-girl dichotomy for a more inclusive representation of romantic relationships while still providing a happily-ever-after. This can be very empowering to some who are not used to seeing characters like themselves get to be main characters and receive a happy ending.

"I wonder if he thinks he married a girl with two personalities: vixen and wallflower." -Christina Lauren

Romantic suspense

Midnight Rescue
Under Fire
Chasing Shadows
The Unsung Hero
Tasting Fear
Untraceable, Unspeakable, Unforgivable

Romantic comedies

Sweet Filthy Boy
Fix Her Up
Get a Life, Chloe Brown
Red White & Royal Blue
Not the Girl You Marry
Finding Your Feet

Dark romance

Hate to Want You
Never Loved
Long Shot
Vicious Cycle
Flames of Attraction

Inspirational/Christian romance

A Haven on Orchard Lane
Amish Sweethearts
Her One and Only
The Hope Chest
A New Shade of Summer
Saving Amelie

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