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This guide includes the genre known as romance fiction.

Welcome, romance readers!

Have a look through this guide to find your next great romance read. Romance is one of the most popular genres being published and is only getting more popular. To be considered a romance, the story must end in a Happy Ever After (HEA) or at least a Happy For Now (HFN). There's a wide variety of subgenres to explore and those which fit into multiple categories if you feel like mixing it up. Increasingly, romance books feature diverse characters and diverse romantic relationships, and ongoing discussions and efforts are being made to focus on the importance of consent. The old stereotype of romance books as "bodice rippers" doesn't quite capture the variety available in the romance genre today!  There are a variety of "heat" or "steam" levels for everyone's tastes as well---it might not get more intimate than a kiss, or there's a "fade to black", while some have explicit sexual scenes on page.

Staff Picks

The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows
Rough, Raw and Ready
Beyond Shame
It Happened One Summer

What's New

The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh
One Last Stop
Sweep of the Blade


This Earl of Mine
How to Find a Princess
Silence Fallen


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