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Library Programs

Find information on Library programs for children, teens, and families.

Winnipeg Public Library has wonderful programs for families, children of all ages, and teens. Browse this page to find out about the different types of programs that we offer. To find a Library program you can check out What's On or visit the Programs & Events Calendar to register.

For Your Child's Safety

  • For children ages 11 and younger, a parent or caregiver must remain in the library during the child’s visit.
  • School age programs are for children ages 6-12. Children participate in the program on their own unless otherwise indicated.
  • Children are not supervised by library staff outside of the program space (e.g. washroom breaks or early exit from the program).
  • In the absence of a parent or caregiver, library staff does not assume responsibility for a child.
  • Children of all abilities are welcome to attend library programs. If a child requires the support of a parent or caregiver to participate in a program, please speak with staff.

Pour la sécurité de votre enfant

  • Pour les enfants âgés de 11 ans ou moins, un parent ou un fournisseur de soins doit rester dans la bibliothèque pendant toute la durée du programme.
  • Les programmes à l’intention des enfants d’âge scolaire visent les enfants de six à douze ans. Les enfants y participent seuls à moins d’indication contraire.
  • Les enfants ne sont pas supervisés par le personnel de bibliothèque à l’extérieur de l’espace où se donne le programme (p. ex. s’iels se rendent aux toilettes ou qu’iels quittent le programme tôt).
  • Si aucun parent ou fournisseur de soins n’est présent, le personnel de bibliothèque n’est pas responsable de l’enfant.
  • On invite tous les enfants à participer aux programmes de bibliothèque. Si un enfant a besoin d’appui d’un parent ou d’un fournisseur de soins pour participer à un programme, veuillez vous adresser au personnel.

About Early Literacy Programs

Winnipeg Public Library Early Literacy Programs are designed by library staff to support the development of early literacy skills.

Early Literacy Programs are offered in 8-week sessions in the Fall, Winter and Spring. They are also offered during the summer as one-off programs.  Registration is required for all Early Literacy Programs. Registration can be done over the phone, online, or in-person at any branch. Library branches may rotate the programs they offer.

For more information on early literacy check out the Winnipeg Public Library's Early Literacy Info Guide

Great for English language-learners! (EAL)
Early Literacy Programs at the Library can be a good introduction to English for families who are new to Canada. Children and their parents/caregivers are welcome at Library programs no matter what level of English they may speak or understand.

Baby Rhyme Time

B is for Baby by Atinuke For children up to 18 months with a caregiver.

Why Baby Rhyme Time? We know that children from birth to age 2 experience a high rate of brain development. This phase of rapid growth makes early childhood the ideal time to introduce early literacy supports.

We provide this support through Baby Rhyme Time a parent-child program that features a playful approach to language development by sharing rhymes, songs, stories and early literacy messaging designed to help families create a literacy-rich home environment. 

Toddler Time

​For children 19-36 months with a caregiver.

Why Toddler Time? We know that children at this age are in a peak phase of learning language that is best supported by hearing many words (spoken, sung and read). 

We provide this support through Toddler Time, a parent-child program focused on enriched vocabulary and comprehension in age-appropriate stories, songs and rhymes. Early literacy messaging is shared with parents and caregivers to help families create a literacy-rich home environment.   

Family Story Time

Hooray for Books! by Brian WonFor children up to 5 years with a caregiver.

Why Family Story Time?  We know that children learn best when they are having fun with the most important people in their lives.

We support this learning through Family Story Time which features creative presentations of stories through a variety of formats and techniques to provide a fun atmosphere that supports intergenerational learning.

Family Programs

Photo of children listening to a storyChildren learn best when they are having fun with the most important people in their lives.  Family programs at the Library are the perfect blend of learning and a great time!

We offer a range of program options for families.  See our newsletter or the program and events calendar for current programs.

Examples of family programs are:

  • musical performers
  • storytellers
  • seasonal or holiday-themed programs

School-age Programs

The Library offers a range of programs designed for children ages 6-8 or 6-12. 

These programs promote reading and vocabulary skills and are inspired by popular topics and materials in our collection.  Interactivity is encouraged to get everyone excited about reading and learning new things! Most programs are one-time offerings, but some Library branches may host programs that meet on an ongoing basis.  Most programs require registration.  Check out What's On to see what is being offered.

Tween Programs

school age children with puppetsOur tween programs are designed especially for children ages 9-12 who are too 'grown-up' for school-age programs but are not quite eligible to participate in the Library's teen programs. 

These programs have a more sophisticated twist and often include multi-media content or more challenging games or activities. 

Reading and vocabulary skills are promoted through the use of items from the Library's collection. Check out What's On to see what is being offered.

Chicken Story Time by Sandy Asher
Just Read! by Lori Degman
Pete the Cat Checks Out the Library by James Deam
The Library Book by Tom Chapin
The Not So Quiet Library by Zachariah OHora