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Links to sources of legislation.


The Canadian Constitution divides subject areas into the responsibility of the either the federal or the provincial government. For example, the federal government regulates criminal matters with the laws in the Criminal Code. Provincial law regulates driving on highways and roads with the Highway Traffic Act. In addition, cities and municipalities can enact by-laws if they are given the authority to do so by the province, which may cover local matters such as property zoning.

Laws of Canada

The Department of Justice provides access to all federal legislation and amendments approved by Parliament.

Constitutional Documents

Statutes and Regulations

Military Law

Laws of Manitoba

The legal section (Manitoba Laws) of the Manitoba Government website provides access to provincial legislation and regulations.

Before a law comes into force, it is proposed as a bill. The status of current and past bills can be viewed online.

Laws of Manitoba Cities and Municipalities

The City of Winnipeg Charter is the provincial legislation that defines areas of civic jurisdiction.

City of Winnipeg By-laws are available online.

City of Brandon By-laws

City of Selkirk By-laws