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Find library resources and online help for math homework.

Fun Math Activities on the Web

Math Homework Help on the Web

Request books about famous mathematicians from the Library catalogue

One Step Further : My Story of Math, the Moon, and a Lifelong Mission by Katherine Johnson
The boy who loved math : the improbable life of Paul Erdös by Deborah Heiligman
Stephen Hawking by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
Dreaming in code : Ada Byron Lovelace, computer pioneer by Emily Arnold McCully
You should meet : Katherine Johnson by Thea Feldman
Queen of physics : how Wu Chien Shiung helped unlock the secrets of the atom by Teresa Robeson

Request these math books from the Library Catalogue

How to Be a Math Wizard by DK Publishing
Grasping Mysteries : Girls Who Loved Math by Jeannine Atkins
It's a numbers game! Basketball by James Buckley Jr.
Mummies multiply! by Therese Shea
Do not open this math book! by Danica McKeller
Vampires divide! by Therese Shea
Werewolves do word problems! by Therese Shea
School rules! Math : shortcuts, secrets, puzzles, and tricks to help you become a math master by Emma MacLaren Henke
A math journey through planet Earth by Anne Rooney