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Patient Safety & Rights

Find patient advocacy resources and information. Learn how to ask questions or file complaints.

Resources on this page will help you:

  • learn about Government of Manitoba frameworks, processes and laws related to patient safety
  • learn how to advocate within the health care system for yourself or someone else
  • find contact information to ask questions, communicate a concern or file a complaint
  • find information about patient advocacy services for Indigenous Peoples

Patient Advocacy Resources

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Indigenous Patient Advocacy & Services

Making a complaint across different health care settings

Government of Manitoba patient safety information

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"Critical Incidents" and other incident reporting

"A critical incident refers to an unintended event that occurs when health services are provided to an individual and results in a consequence to him or her that: (a) is serious and undesired, such as death, disability, injury or harm, unplanned admission to hospital or unusual extension of a hospital stay, and (b) does not result from the individual's underlying health condition or from a risk inherent in providing the health services."
Source: Health, Seniors and Active Living, Government of Manitoba

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SEARCH SMART: Privacy and Personal Information Laws