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For Educators

The Library offers a number of free printable puzzles, including word searches, crossword puzzles, missing letter puzzles and anagrams. These are suited for EAL learners at all levels, and can be printed and used in the classroom.
Easy information sources for ESL, adult learners, & new readers
What English language teachers need to know : understanding learning
Master English collocations & phrasal verbs : the ultimate phrasal verbs and collocations book for learning English Master English collocations and phrasal verbs

Adult Basic English Book Club Kits

Each Book Club Kit contains 15 copies of a book and a discussion guide. There are even suggestions for what to read next.

Introduction to the Library

Go To The Library booklet

Photo Stories

Photo Stories

These modules introduce EAL learners to the library. The activities help develop reading, writing, and speaking skills and common library vocabulary. Teacher notes are included, as well as answer keys.

Getting a Library Card: CLB 1-2; CLB 3-4; CLB 5-6

Using the Library: CLB 1-2; CLB 3-4; CLB 5-6

Programs at the Library: CLB 1-2; CLB 3-4; CLB 5-6

Learning English at the Library: CLB 1-2; CLB 3-4; CLB 5-6

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