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Word is a word-processing program, meaning it helps a user create a variety of documents composed of words or text. Options are available to change the appearance of the document by formatting the text. Different styles and sizes of lettering can be applied, text rearranged, borders and colours added, and pictures inserted to create documents such as letters, pamphlets, or posters. Basic computer skills are needed to use Word.

Word 1

Part 1 - Get started with word processing and learn how to create and save documents. (23:49)

Part 2 - Learn about moving and copying text and viewing your document. (15:45)

Part 3 - Learn about fonts and formatting text. (14:37)

Part 4 - Learn about editing, the undo command, and spell checking. (12:17)

Word 2

Part 1 - Use paragraph formatting options such as indenting, bullets, and special characters. (20:16)

Part 2 - Use layout options to format a page, including adding headers and footers. (15:30)

Part 3 - Learn about adding images to a document and formatting them. (13:49)

Word 3

Part 1 - Learn how to use tabs. (16:46)

Part 2 - Learn how to create tables and add text. (10:25)

Part 3 - Learn how to format tables. (15:44)

Part 4 - Learn about table columns and rows. (14:53)