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Other Topics

Additional Topics

The library's technology workshops cover basic skills for using a computer, the internet, email, and Google Drive. Use these handouts and video tutorials from LinkedIn Learning and other recommended sites on the Home tab to build your skills!

Introduction to the Computer

Learn the basics of computer use, focusing on turning a computer on and off, using a mouse, the different parts of Windows, and how to open and close programs.

Email Basics

Learn to receive and open, reply to, format, and send email.

Canva Basics

Get started with Canva, an online tool that lets you design logos, documents, presentations, and social media content.

Internet Basics

Learn about using a browser, opening and exploring websites, and searching the Internet with search engines such as Google. 

Google Drive Basics

Learn to use Google Drive to store and share files in various formats.


Learn about PowerPoint, a slide show program used to develop presentations.

File Management

Learn the basics of saving and managing files on a Windows computer, using external storage devices, and tips for keeping information organized.

iPads for Beginners

Learn the basics of searching and other skills using an iPad.