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When it comes to questions about health, reliable resources are critical. Start your health information search here.

Being informed about health topics can help you play an active role in your own health care or help you support someone else.

  • learn how to evaluate health information you find - check out the "Search Smart for Health Information" section on this page
  • find out about different reliable health information sources - about basic questions and for in-depth research
  • learn about different health tests and screening
  • find information about health care services and providers, and patient safety and rights

Of course, we are always happy to search for you.  Please Ask Us!

Keep informed - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Screenshot and link to the Library's Coronavirus Disease Guide

SEARCH SMART for Health Information

4 Questions to Ask About Health Information

  • Who is saying it?
  • Why are they saying it?
  • When did they say it?
  • How do they know?

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