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The Métis: Home

Find print and online resources to begin learning more about the Métis of the past and the present.
The North-West is our mother : the story of Louis Riel's people, the Métis nation by Jean Teillet
Distorted descent : white claims to indigenous identity by Darryl Leroux
The Flower Beadwork People by Sherry Farrell Racette
From the ashes : my story of being Métis, homeless, and finding my way by Jesse Thistle
Halfbreed by Maria Campbell
A Girl Called Echo: Volume 1: Pemmican Wars by Katherena Vermette
A Girl Called Echo. Volume 2. Red River Resistance
A Girl Called Echo. Volume 3. Northwest Resistance by Katherena Vermette
Louis: The Heretic Poems by Gregory A. Scofield
The Pemmican Eaters: Poems

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"A Nation and Her Mother," a Métis poem. Janelle Wookey

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