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Manitoba Writers

Pages about the prairies, and so much more


Writers found in this section are either from, currently reside, or once lived in Manitoba for a considerable amount of time. The majority of literature that has made its way into our provincial canon focuses on a rural way of life. However, we can see from the previous tab, "Books Set in Winnipeg," that a rural narrative is only one representation of Manitoba. Many authors even write beyond our borders - from Gabrielle Roy's The Tin Flute to Miriam Toews' Irma Voth, you can travel from Montréal to Mexico with the turn of a page!

Manitoba classics

The stone angel by Margaret Laurence
Sarah Binks by Paul Hiebert
As for me and my house by Sinclair Ross
The tin flute by Gabrielle Roy
Seed catalogue by Robert Kroetsch
Settlers of the marsh by Frederick Philip Grove
Who has seen the wind by W. O. (William Ormond)  Mitchell
Wild Geese by Martha Ostenso

Manitoba book award recipients (current)

This has nothing to do with you by Lauren Carter
Friends, foes, and furs : George Nelson's Lake Winnipeg journals, 1804-1822 by George Nelson
Older sister. Not necessarily related : a memoir by Jenny Heijun Wills
This place : 150 years retold
The North-West is our mother : the story of Louis Riel's people, the Métis nation by Jean Teillet
St. Boniface elegies by Catherine Hunter

Staff picks

Mistik Lake by Martha Brooks
The house on Sugarbush Road by Méira Cook
Autobiographical fictions by Maurice Mierau
Burning daylight by Christine Fellows
Grey eyes by Frank Christopher Busch
A brightness long ago : a novel by Guy Gavriel Kay
The emperor's orphans by Sally Ito
As I remember it by Tara Lee Morin
Glitter & fall : Laozi's, Dao De Jing transinhalations by Di Brandt
Correction line by Dennis Cooley
Comma by Jennifer Still
The water beetles : a novel by Michael Kaan


All the pretty girls by Chandra Mayor
Jonny Appleseed : a novel by Joshua Whitehead
A safe girl to love by Casey Plett
When everything feels like the movies by Raziel Reid
Cease : a memoir of love, loss and desire by Lynette Dawn Loeppky

Rural recollections

Houseboat chronicles : notes from a life in Shield country by Jake MacDonald
This is a small northern town by Rosanna Deerchild
The best of all possible worlds : reflections on the interlake by David Arnason
True confessions of a heartless girl by Martha Brooks
The age of Hope by David Bergen
Vikings on a prairie ocean : the saga of a lake, a people, a family and a man by Glenn Sigurdson
Grandmother, laughing by Armin Wiebe
A stone watermelon by Lois Braun
Dry water by Robert J. C. Stead

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