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Library App: Status and alternatives

The Winnipeg Public Library app is not available. Please see the information below to learn about a different option for your mobile device.

December 4, 2023

three mobile devices float again a purple and peach-coloured background: a tablet in the centre and smart phone on each side of it. Their screens show pages from the Winnipeg Public Library mobile appThe Winnipeg Public Library app is not available.

We have learned that we will be without a Winnipeg Public Library app until the early months of the new year.

We understand and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. A message from the company that provides our app is found at the bottom of this page.

We recommend that people delete the current Winnipeg Public Library app from their devices as the information it shares is no longer accurate. 

Please note that it is the Winnipeg Public Library app that is affected and not the apps for services such as Libby (Overdrive), Hoopla, or other Digital Library Services.

What is happening with the app?

The app's ability to connect to our main catalogue servers is broken. This means that some features may still appear to work, when in fact they are showing old, outdated information. For example you may see books that you have returned showing up as checked out, or holds showing as 'ready for pickup' when you've checked them out already.

Can I still use the library app on my mobile device?

No. We recommend that you delete the app.
The app will not search the catalogue for books, or show you your checkouts and holds. It may show you hours and locations but since the app cannot connect to our servers, those hours may be wrong.

Is there another app I can use instead? What are my options?

Not at this time but you CAN still search the library and access your account on your device.

The way to do this is to put a shortcut to the mobile version of the Library catalogue website on to your device. We have included steps showing how to do this on your device on the next page of this guide.

How to set up quick access to the Library catalogue on your mobile device

  1. Scan this QR code to open the library catalogue on your mobile device, OR click on this link
  2. Use the instructions and screenshots in this guide  to add the site as a saved app on your homescreen (there are separate instructions for Apple (iPhone/iPad) and Android (Pixel/Samsung/etc)
  3. Login, browse, and enjoy. Find Tips and tricks on our mobile catalogue page guide.

A statement from SirsiDynix regarding your library’s mobile app:

SirsiDynix is the owner of your library’s mobile application. However, another vendor controls the access of the app. Unfortunately, they have unexpectedly disabled the app, rendering it inoperable.

As an immediate solution, we are working with your library to enable mobile searching of the catalog via the library’s website. This allows many of the core search features of the mobile app to be available on your mobile devices. You can use the URL below to access this capability:

Winnipeg Public Library catalogue

We have also been aggressively developing an entirely new, next-generation mobile app for your library. While it is not yet available for general use, we anticipate it will be ready in the next few months. This app will deliver the functionality you enjoyed in the original app, along with many new features.

We regret any inconvenience this has caused you. Please know that your library had absolutely no way of anticipating this situation, and we hope you’ll be understanding as we work through this difficult, interim period.

Bill Davison

Chief Executive Officer