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Acoustic Guitar

Borrowing an Acoustic Guitar

The Musical Instrument Lending Library is a collection of instruments that can be borrowed for free with a valid library card. The collection is located at the Millennium Library. Ask staff for assistance retrieving the instrument you want to borrow.

You can find out the availability of acoustic guitars as well as place one on hold by searching the library catalogue.

For information on how to take care of an acoustic guitar, check out this care video.

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Choosing an Acoustic Guitar

Winnipeg Public Library offers left- and right-handed guitars in a variety of sizes:  ½, ¾, and full size guitars. The guitars also come with nylon or steel strings.

Which guitar size is right for me? A general rule to follow is to gauge the guitar size based on the height of the player:

  Guitar Size     Height of Player*    Age Recommendation*  
  1/2 Size   3'10" - 4'5"   5-8 years
  3/4 Size   4'6" - 4'11"   8-11 years
  Full Size   5' & over   11+ years

*Approximate sizing and measurements

For more information about choosing a guitar size, see Shepherd Guitar Studio's Guitar Sizing Guide.

Selection from our Collection

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Online Tutorials

  • Andrew Wasson 
    Features online lessons on guitar technique, guitar theory, music theory and more.
  • ArtistWorks' Guitar Lessons - YouTube 
    Learn to play different guitar styles (blues, classical, fingerstyle, flatpick, jazz, and rock) by watching the videos created by ArtistWorks music teachers.

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