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Language speakers and learners can easily share their knowledge and enhance learning through dictionary and language apps.

Some apps are only available for certain platforms. Please check your app store for availability. 


nēhinawēwin is a language app based on the N dialect of Swampy Cree, better known as nēhinawēwin or ininīmowin, and spoken in Treaty 5 Territory in Northern Manitoba. Available for iOS. Designed for iPad.

nēhinawēwin app screen shot

Gabriel Dumont Institute

The Gabriel Dumont Institute is a Saskatchewan-based educational, employment and cultural institute whose mandate is to promote and preserve Métis culture and therefore has been developing resources that allow people to hear and read the language. The apps feature translations and audio pronunciations by Michif-language expert Norman Fleury. A search tool allows users to look up English words to find the Michif-Cree translations. Available for Android and iOS.


Gabriel Dumont Institute apps icons

Online Cree Dictionary

The Online Cree Dictionary translates words from English to Cree in Syllabics and Roman Orthography, accompanied by a picture, sound or video clip. The dictionary can accommodate different regional Cree dialects, including Plains Cree and Woods Cree, and draws on content from Dr. Earle Waugh's Alberta Elders' Cree Dictionary and Arok Wolvengrey's  dictionary nêhiýawêwin: itwêwina / Cree: Words. Available for Android and iOS.

Online Cree Dictionary app screenshot

Ogoki Learning Systems

Ogoki Learning  has been creating  language apps for over 10 years. Ogoki has helped create over 170 language apps and interactive learning tools for schools and Tribes from across Canada and the United States. The following apps have been developed by and for Indigenous language speakers in Manitoba.  Please check for availability on specific platforms.

Ogoki app screenshot
Ogoki app screenshot
Ogoki app screenshot
Ogoki app screenshot

Thornton Media

Thornton Media, Inc. (Las Vegas NV) works with Tribal governments and First Nations to create custom hi-tech tools to help save endangered indigenous languages. TMI is Native-owned and has worked with over 250 American Indian Tribes and Canadian First Nations since 1994. The following apps may be useful to language learners in Manitoba. Please check for  availability on various platforms.

Thornton Media app screenshot
Thornton Media app screenshot