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School-Age Programs


Welcome to our family programs page. These programs will be best enjoyed by children ages 5-12 and their families. You can pick and choose which programs and activities you try based on the supplies you have available at home. We hope that you have fun with these at home library programs. 

Mini Mazes

On the Mini Maze page you will find lots of fun maze facts, instructions on how to create your own mini maze, and how to make an outdoor maze for your family.

Search and Find

The Search and Find page has fun scavenger hunts, and other search and find themed activities. 

We've Got Rhythm

On the We've Got Rhythm page you'll learn songs and chants, discover how to make your own Monochord, explore the oldest music in the world (body music!), and get acquainted with music notes. 

Comic Creation

On the Comic Creation page learn about the history of comics, and how to create your own. 

Anyone's Game

Play a variety of fun and silly challenges that must be completed in one minute or less.

New: Disaster Dynamics

Extreme weather, tornadoes, volcanoes, tsunamis, avalanches, and floods – why do they happen?  Get hands on with some small scale experiments that help us understand the physics behind some of these large scale disasters!