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Home Repair

There are plenty of small and large projects that can be done on a house. You can save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

Homes require ongoing maintenance, repair, and even updating. Whether you need to weatherstrip your windows, replace an electrical outlet, insulate a wall, or fix a leaking pipe, there are numerous books and videos to help you do the job correctly, save yourself money, and learn about how your house works.

Beginner's guide to DIY & home repair: essential DIY techniques for the first timer

Home is what you make it! Being a first-time homeowner comes with great joys, as it also comes with great responsibilities. But don't let that intimidate you! This comprehensive guide will give you confidence and show you everything you need to know to take care of, fix, and customize your home. From painting and wallpapering to plumbing and hanging shelves. Filled with DIY hacks, step-by-step instructions, and helpful tips, photos, and illustrations, you'll learn all the basic skills to get any indoor or outdoor job done without spending a fortune.

Measure Twice: Tips and Tricks from the Pros to Help You Avoid the Most Common DIY Disasters

Bryan Baeumler has brought his decades of experience to this fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to all of the most common DIY fixes, upgrades, renovations and installations. You'll learn which materials are worth the splurge and which tools are better left at the hardware store, where to cut corners, and where to spend a little extra time.

Home repair wisdom & know-how: timeless techniques to fix, maintain, and improve your home

This is an essential go-to book for every project homeowners encounter, from basic wiring to kitchen renovations. Featuring step-by-step instructions, tried and true advice from leaders in the industry and hundreds of photographs, charts, and sidebars, Home Repair Wisdom & Know-How is a must-have for any homeowner.

Creating a Safe and Healthy Home

Shows how to diagnose common health and safety issues around the home, and gives practical techniques for correcting these potentially dangerous problems. This handbook covers a range of home health and safety issues, including carbon monoxide, radon gas, asbestos, lead, formaldehyde, water contaminants, and accident hazards.

Carpentry for Homeowners

A down-to-earth guide to help readers solve everyday problems using the most basic of tools--hammers, saws, sanders, clamps, and screw guns. The book opens with the basics of setting up a rudimentary home workshop and learning tool basics, then moves into a lavish how-to section featuring more than 50 everyday home carpentry projects that cover just about every possibility. The perfect introductory book on carpentry skills for homeowners.

Ortho's All About Windows, Doors, and Skylights

This comprehensive volume explains what to look for when you shop and provides detailed instructions for making new openings, enlarging existing ones, and replacing windows and doors. You will also find complete instructions for installing skylights. Update your doors and windows for energy efficiency. Add skylights to bring light into dark places. Illustrated do-it-yourself installation instructions.

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