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Welcoming Winnipeg

Welcoming Winnipeg: Reconciling Our History
Launched in January, 2019 Welcoming Winnipeg is an initiative of the 
Indigenous Relations Division of the City of Winnipeg. The initiative "responds to the national dialogue to re-examine historical markers and place names to resolve the absence of Indigenous perspectives, experiences, and contributions in the stories remembered and commemorated in Canadian cities."  To learn more - including how to participate - visit the Welcoming Winnipeg page

This section of the Guide shares information about Library resources and services to support learning and engagement with the Welcoming Winnipeg initiative. Any questions about Welcoming Winnipeg should be directed to the contact information here

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Welcoming Winnipeg:  Panel Event and Discussion
Wednesday, March 13
7-9:30 pm

On March 13, the City of Winnipeg hosted the Welcoming Winnipeg Panel Event at the University of Winnipeg where panelists discussed their perspectives on Indigenous stories and experiences related to historical markers, Indigenous place names, our shared history, and how to move forward in reconciling our City’s history. Panelists: Dr. Adele Perry, Dr. Jarvis Brownlie, Dr. Lorena Sekwan Fontaine, Dr. Mary Jane Logan McCallum, Dr. Karine Duhamel