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Survey Updates and Progress: Library Survey Feedback

Here are some things we've heard from your feedback and are working on! Stay tuned for more information and updates.

We're Listening!

Thanks for filling out the library’s Counting Opinions customer satisfaction survey.  In one year, we’ve received over 3200 responses to our survey and over 6500 comments.  It’s been very exciting to go through every survey to see what you love about the library, and what improvements/ changes you’d like to see.  From your feedback, we’ve already been able to make some changes that will positively affect the future of the library!


Here are some improvements that we’ve made based on your comments and suggestions:

Several comments were made about more Word computers being needed. 

Now MOST workstations have Microsoft Office on them, which includes Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint!

We’ve heard that it’s sometimes difficult to pick up holds during regular hours of library opening.

Did you know that we’re piloting the Smartlocker at the Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre?  You can pick up holds at the Smartlocker anytime the recreation centre is open.  Customers in the West End area are so far very positive about this pilot and love having expanded hours to pick up their holds.

You've asked for more study space in our facilities.

Many libraries have meeting and tutorial rooms that can be used as study space when not booked. As well, Millennium will have a quiet study space on the 3rd floor by 2015.


There were comments asking to improve the online catalogue.

The Library has transitioned to a new online catalogue to address many of the issues. We are also continually adjusting and improving this new catalogue based on feedback we are hearing.


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Please continue to give us your feedback to help build the best libraries possible for your community. CLICK HERE

What you love


Here are some quotes pulled from the survey that we just had to share!

"I heard Millenium Library has a social worker, who works with homeless, those with mental health issues, etc who frequent the library. I think that's fantastic, and commend you on the program."

"I love the library ! It is one of my happy places and I am glad we live in a country that allows us the freedom to have all these resources at our fingertips."

"I started utilizing the library after an absence of roughly 30 years. What a fantastic resource. The staff are knowledgeable and extremely helpful, the on-line databases are easy to use, and the variety of material available is exceptional."

"Ordering books from the collection to pickup at my local library. Suggestions from staff as to other books I might enjoy reading. Changes to the new fiction-express bestsellers-now can be renewed for a total of three weeks. A good selection of express bestsellers."

"My family and I LOVE this library and the staff. My children would be at a loss without it - it is part of our community. My oldest son is an avid reader - so this library is very important to us."

Things We're Working On...


Stay tuned for updates on these issues!

You've told us you want more hours of opening.  As part of the strategic plan that is currently underway, Library Administration will be examining various aspects of public service, including hours of opening.


Though you love many of our libraries, you would like to see others replaced (such as Charleswood and River Heights libraries).  Did you know that there is a council approved Library Redevelopment Strategy underway to replace several libraries?  A new Charleswood library opened January 2015 to rave reviews!


You've told us you'd like to see every location offer color photocopying and printing.  The library is currently exploring the feasibility of rolling out this service to some locations.