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lyndaLibrary Guide

lyndaLibrary provides access to hundreds of thousands of videos to learn almost anything about technology and more.

Create your account

Everyone who uses needs to create a personal profile in the lynda system so that you can track your progress through courses, create playlists, take tests, and earn certificates of completion.

How To Use lyndaLibrary:

1. Enter the site as a member

Your library card makes you a member! 
From home:
You will be prompted to enter your library card when you click on any links on this page. Inside the library: click on any of our lynda links (no card required).

2. Create your personal lynda user profile

Use the "Create your personal lyndaLibrary account" link below for direct access to the new user profile page.
Alternatively, while on the lyndaLibrary site, you can click the LOG IN link on any page, followed by "Create a profile".

3. Get smart!

You are now free to watch all of the content on!

Return to the lyndaLibrary site via this library portal to continue your courses. Watch the recommended "How to Use" videos for tips on how to make use of the site.

I already have a account. Can I use it?

A: Yes.

If you have had access to in the past, visiting it through the Winnipeg Public Library link will allow you to reactivate your existing account, with all of your playlists and courses intact.

If you already have access through work or school, please continue to go straight to or use your institutional link to as the content is exactly the same.

Is there any cost?

A: No, there is no cost to Winnipeg Public Library card holders.

If the page you are viewing asks you to "Start Your Free Trial Now" or says that you need to become a member to view all courses in the playlist, it is because you are not logged in.

To create your personal profile, click on the LOG IN link on the page. You do not need to click on the "Become a Member" link because you are already a member by virtue of your library card. 

Then use the "create a profile" button:

Where can I use lynda?

A: Anywhere you want!

If you are a Winnipeg Public Library card holder, you can use lynda from any computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection, whether you are inside a branch, at home, or traveling.

Are there any limitations?

A: Yes, but not many!

  • Currently, 100 Winnipeg Public Library cardholders can use lyndaLibrary at the same time.
  • Some course materials are not available for download.
  • Videos can not be saved for viewing offline.

Is there an app for that?

A: No, while there are apps, they do not yet work with the lyndaLibrary service provided to libraries.

However,'s website is mobile friendly and the video content will work on any device (android, iOS, tablet, etc.).

NOTE: may detect you are on a mobile device and offer to take you to get the app. Answer "maybe later" to this prompt.