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LGBTTQ+ Info Guide

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Welcome to Winnipeg Public Library's LGBTTQ+ Info Guide

This guide is intended to focus on information and resources by, for and about people in the LGBTTQ+ community. In this guide you will find suggested reads and new books for adults teens and families. There are also links to some amazing online resources as well as local supports and organizations. This guide is updated regularly so keep checking back.

The Library is here to support your goals and information needs.  We are here to serve you whether you need to use a computer, want to learn a language, or are looking for books for children. We also love answering questions, especially yours. Visit the Ask Us! link below to learn all the ways to get in touch.


For the purposes of this guide we are using the shortened umbrella term of LGBTTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirit, Queer, and the + is to be inclusive of a range of identities not named) to describe an incredibly diverse and varied community.  People's identities and orientations overlap - people may identify with a wide range of terms.   

We recommend you check out the links below.